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"Anyone can snap a picture but it takes a true artist to create a photograph" - Me

I'm a self taught photographer so I'm always learning and developing as an artist.  My artwork and photos are a reflection of the world around me and the feelings, the sights and the sounds that inspire me to be more.  To be a person of self expression through visual medium.  I don't want to be famous, I want my work to be famous.


Phillip grew up in and around the Austin area.  At a a very young age he found a love of art and music and with a "Do your best or don't do it at all" upbringing he learned quickly to under promise and over deliver.  Austin's art and music scene is the perfect inspiration for young visual artists and this artistic backdrop has allowed Phillip's work to take on a look and feel of its own.  His interests include fine art, music, fashion and architectural photography as well as attending live music performances and writing and shooting for local culture magazine Austin Fusion Magazine.  Through these outlets Phillip's creative talent has been able to flourish.  He has interviewed and photographed some of Austin's most talented "up and coming" musicians and some of the old time staples of the local music community.  He has competed in Austin Fashion Week as a Mash-up Team member, his work has been published locally, nationally and internationally and he has also worked with some of Austin's most talented models, wardrobe stylists and makeup & hair stylists. 


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